It is not easy to talk about the history of the “Race of the Ceri”. It is among the oldest italian folklore events.It has a fundamental role for the eugubina community. There are two essential hypotheses about the origins: one religious and the other pagan. The first hypothesis is widely documented and presents the “Race of the Ceri” as a solemn act inspired by the devotion of the eugubini to their Bishop Ubaldo Baldassini from may 1160 ( year of his death). Since then, every 15th of May, the offer to the patron became a regular appointment for the people of Gubbio.The Ceri are three wooden structures , rebuilt several times along the years; they are carried on the shoulders up to the Mount Ingino, when there is the body of S. Ubaldo in the Basilica since 11 september 1194.The whole itinerary has remained unchanged over time.The second hypothesis favors the ancient re-enactment of the pagan festival in honor of Ceres, goddess of the messengers.