Organized by the “Venerable Brotherhood of Santa Croce della Foce”, it is a symbolic representation of the Passion of Christ.It has been repeated for centuries according to a tradition that has never known stops. The procession is opened by brothers dressed in sacks, playng the “ battistrangole” (instruments that cause a sound of scrap metal) and others that carry the skull symbolizing the Golgota and the symbols of the passion.Then the simulacra of the Dead Christ and Our Lady parade; they are valuable wooden sculptures of local craftsmanship.Behind the statues of Christ and Our Lady, the singers of the “Miserere” sing a folk song handed down by oral tradition.The procession runs through the main streets of the city, starting at dusk, traditionally from the church of Santa Croce: in recent years the procession leaves at 19,30 from the church of San Domenico following the jobs of restructuring of the church.During its passage, large fires are lit at some points along the way.